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A Red Wave?

While everybody and their cat seem to be anticipating a red wave at the polls tomorrow, it occurs to me to wonder — as I do with so-called climate change contentions — “How do they know?” Polls? The ones that didn’t predict Trump? The ones that we in the right never answer, (even when they count us in real numbers)? Wishful thinking?

And doesn’t all of this assume — probably mistakenly — that the count will be honest?


TO AMUSE YOU in these dark times.

Language Pro Tip

IF YOU LOOK AT an actual Klieglight, you will notice that the company name is spelled KLIEGL. Don’t ask me why. Just something I noticed oh… fifty-plus years ago by seeing an actual Kliegl spotlight, in the flesh as it were. In the metal?

Also, if you’re dealing with an inky (incandescent as opposed to an arc light) you should know to wear cotton gloves when handling the bulb. Skin oil gets hot enough to — sometimes — catch fire or even cause the bulb to explode. Word to your momma.

And, while we’re on the subject of theatrical spotlights, Super Trouper is spelled like that, with a “u”. It’s because a theatrical company is called a troupe — with a “u”. Thought you might like to know.