Monthly Archives: November 2022

The Democrats Keep Talking

ABOUT SHUTTING DOWN popular and vital energy sources (e.g. coal-fired electricity-generation plants) like they have the right to do it.

A Red Wave?

While everybody and their cat seem to be anticipating a red wave at the polls tomorrow, it occurs to me to wonder — as I do with so-called climate change contentions — “How do they know?” Polls? The ones that didn’t predict Trump? The ones that we in the right never answer, (even when they count us in real numbers)? Wishful thinking?

And doesn’t all of this assume — probably mistakenly — that the count will be honest?

Rule Zero

I’ve seen this meme around.
“Don’t be an asshole to me. Then I’d have to be an asshole back to you. And I’m way better’n you at being an asshole.”

And in driving, as so many people do asshole stuff, I would emphasize.


‘Cause people do asshole stuff and smart, strategic drivers know to pick their fights, so they don’t slap down the assholes like they deserve.

Note that I say “deserve” not like “they should be.” The latter implies an imperative to act. There isn’t one. Slapping down assholes just gets you into shit so don’t. And, from an external perspective (somebody who’s just driving along and not really involved in our little contretemps), it might seem that the asshole got away with it. And a certain percentage of the populace will accept that as permission to be an asshole, too.

(And, sooner or later, somebody gonna come whose better than you at asshole-ing and… guess what?)

And thus the situation develops on our nation’s highways, that everybody acts the asshole. So, before any of the other rules of the road come the Zero Rule: Don’t be an asshole.

Over time, I’ll be introducing more of these. Lemme know whatcha think.