All of Them

I’VE LONG BELIEVED that all Democrat officeholders, at least at the Federal level, are, at the very minimum foresworn of their oaths of office. It appears the Constitution is mum on the subject of oath breakers, and I am unaware of any statute that addresses the subject, except if you get into the weeds of perjury.

Michael Walsh, however, has a fair Jeffersonian indictment of the party of Burr, Booth, and Biden. It could serve as the body of a 21st Century Declaration of Independence. A Declaration of Insurrection, if you will. (I should note that the Alien and Sedition Act is no longer in force and will not serve as a straw for the grasp of the grasping and destructive left.)

You’ll Own Nothing and You’ll Be Happy

Language Pro Tip

IF YOU LOOK AT an actual Klieglight, you will notice that the company name is spelled KLIEGL. Don’t ask me why. Just something I noticed oh… fifty-plus years ago by seeing an actual Kliegl spotlight, in the flesh as it were. In the metal?

Also, if you’re dealing with an inky (incandescent as opposed to an arc light) you should know to wear cotton gloves when handling the bulb. Skin oil gets hot enough to — sometimes — catch fire or even cause the bulb to explode. Word to your momma.

And, while we’re on the subject of theatrical spotlights, Super Trouper is spelled like that, with a “u”. It’s because a theatrical company is called a troupe — with a “u”. Thought you might like to know.

A Rando Brain Fart

LEFTIST SOCIOPATHS: “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.”

NORMIES: “There you go again with the abortion thing.”

New Pic of Da Doll

THESE DAYS, I”ve gotten tired of that 20-plus year old picture of me that Alger doctored up from an eye candy post from the old Gweiloh Diaries. (Miss him.) So I sat for a new one. And above you can see, it came out pretty nice.

Comments Now Working — Sort of…

I DON’T (and probably nobody else in the world does — from reading the threads on the Word Press Codex) know what the issue is with comments. Apparently, it has just come with the latest update (two days ago — timing isn’t suspect at all) to the Word Press core. But there’s a plugin that fixes it, although the lack of ability to pick up on site-specific CSS is a bit jarring. Sorry about that. I’ll have to dig around a bit more to get the damned thing to recognize the site style. But at least you can now see the comments live on the page. Congratulate me.

A Part of an Update

JUST BECAUSE… I feel as though I ought to be posting daily and have already missed a day (or two) since the great data loss (GDL), here I am posting. I have just managed to get to the point where I can reliably log on to the dashboards of all three sites. Comments are still not displaying — I need to work on that, but it seems whatever I do, I will have to regain my chops with Word Press code (which is subtly similar, yet different to true HTML). I have gotten some new images and graphics, I’m itching to use and some ideas how to modify others. Watch this space. It’ll be good. And that’s kind of it. More to come (again).

First Post

THOSE OF YOU who have been visiting her recently, (and I really think there are probably not very many of you at this point), may have noticed that the site has been behaving strangely. To the point that I was unable to access my dashboard to make posts and such like.

So I complained to my web host. They got back to me (quickly) and told me that I’d been hacked and there was malware on my server.

After a quick assessment, I decided to go with the Cosmic Shotgun — blow it all away and start over. Change the locks and throw the bastards out.

And now I’m in the process of re-building. Like I did back in 2002 when I first signed up for Blogger. ::sigh::

More to come.