You Wanna Know Why

AUTONOMOUS CARS WILL NEVER HAPPEN? Look in your email InBox and count the spam messages. The ones that get past your self-training, Bayesian-filtered, white-and-blacklisted spam filter. Those. Total up how many you see in a day. A week. A month. A year.

Imagine they’re highway fatalities.

Tell me that, if they can’t teach an email client to recognize spam, how are they going to teach a car to recognize the threat from a farding, cell-phone-talking, gesticulating, talking-to-her-girlfriend-in-the-back-seat — yes, woman — driver? (And, no, guys, you’re not off the hook. I’ve seen way too many of you cruising down the Interstate, straddling lanes, yakking away on your cell phones, utterly oblivious to what’s going on around you.)

And following distance? How many times will Biff Trustafarian’s Volvo have to slam on the brakes or Siri a warning at him, “You’re following that truck too close! Brake! Brake!” before the following-distance warning gets disconnected by a duke-‘im-a-fifty, not-so-ASE-certified mechanic?

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