You Know What

YOU GO AHEAD AND sit this one out. If you’re right and voting doesn’t matter, then your sitting it out doesn’t matter.

If you vote for Obama, you are, as the masthead slug says, a moron, and there’s no reasoning with you. And your vote probably won’t matter anyway. He’s going down. The knives are out. The real miracle is whether he survives to the election.

You don’t think so? All those Democrats who’ve made trips to enemy capitals, who’ve had truck with virulent opponents? For a party that’s all about loyalty and solidarity, they’re really good at betayal. A lot of Democrats have got to be running really scared — even if they won’t admit it in public — because, even if Obama does win, a lot of elected Deomcrats beside him are going down.

And it’s not as though they wouldn’t use extreme measures to remove the threat to their personal fortunes. It’s practically in the Left’s DNA. While there may be doubts about — say — Vince Foster, it’s pretty sure that the Soviets wound Oswald up and put him on the table. What he did when they turned him loose was almost foreordained. You don’t think Putin or Hu don’t already have somebody on a string, ready to go? You’re more naive than you look.

No… Clean or dirty, Romney is the next President of the United States. You don’t have to like it. I don’t. All you can say is he’s not Obama. And, this time — this time — it has to be enough.

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