You Know, the World Would Run Better

IF DEMOCRATS WOULD JUST admit from the start that they’re wrong or lying or duped or stupid.

As it is, we fight and fight with them for years to expose the truth, and then — years later — we get admissions like Noam Chomsky admitting Sarah Palin was right.

And it was Tina Fey who said, “I can see Russia from my house.”

One response to “You Know, the World Would Run Better

  1. I actually corrected a lady at work about that two weeks ago. She was adamant that Palin was the one who said that line. She got all shades of indignant and got online to prove me wrong….

    Yeah. That worked out well.

    It was followed up with “OK, yeah, well, she still said that you can see Russia from Alaska!” To which I said “Well yes, because you can.” To which she engaged in another furious Google search and found out that yes, you can see Russia from an island is part of Alaska. “But it’s an island! IT DOESN’T COUNT!”

    I said “Why not? Is it not Alaska?”

    She went off on a tangent about how Palin was stupid. Cognitive Dissonance, personified. Unthinking worship of their Lord, God and Savior, of whom any questioning is deemed RACIST! Luckily I don’t share an office with that woman. My enjoyment of the day was a person who does share an office with her, who loves to needle her about where Obama was born. Had her in a tizzy, and not a single epithet or lewd statement from him was used. I enjoyed that greatly.

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