You Can Do What You Want, Abe, But…

VELOCIMAN IS PISSED. Can’t say I’d argue he’s wrong. He’s certainly got the right. But I’m also not sure I agree. Me, I’m in it to teach — at least a little. And, if I see a meme of mine come back at me, I’m glad. It means I’ve penetrated the mindspace. I’m living in somebody’s head, so to speak. And I especially like it when I see one of Dolly’s lines come back at me from somebody I know doesn’t read BTB, and probably never heard of the place.

To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never ripped the V-Man off. I never would intentionally. (I believe in filing off the serial numbers so their own mothers wouldn’t recognize ’em… OR attributing the quote. One or the other.) But I do tag into Velociworld from my blogroll, so, just in case, I apologize.

3 responses to “You Can Do What You Want, Abe, But…

  1. It certainly isn’t you. Also, the Midol kicked in, and I feel better. It is generally not my style to air my petty grievances.

  2. Mark Philip Alger

    Well, I don’t see it as petty. More a matter of choice. If you intend your stuff not to be stealable, you certainly have the right to label it as such and call down imprecations on the ancestry of those who steal it.


  3. Speaking of Abe, I have eschewed marijuana since 1984, however I do make exceptions. The bridge at Chappaquiddick, Dealy Plaza, the Lorraine Motel, Graceland, and the crossroads on Highway 61 making the cut. Character makes the man, my daddy told me.

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