Ye Gods! Even Glenn Beck

IS INFECTED WITH IT! I heard him (speaking on Mitt Romney) use the phrase “give back” as a duty of the successful. It makes me so mad I just want to crush a diamond between my fingers.

Give WHAT back? Did you cheat someone to earn your wealth? Do you owe someone a refund? Did you not deliver good value for valuta received? Was there not a fair and voluntary exchange of money for your goods and/or services?

Then what is there to give BACK?

One response to “Ye Gods! Even Glenn Beck

  1. Funny to see it put this way, so…
    I ‘give back’ in my work. Retired now, I do home maintenance stuff for old folks who can’t do it themselves. Oh, I still charge them for my time, but it’s beer & cigar money, not paying the mortgage money.
    Fix a leaky sink faucet, repair the garden hose, new batteries in the smoke alarms? Yeah, that’ll be $15; sometimes I get homemade cookies as a tip. I shoot the shit with the clients, & I think they like that as much as the little repairs I made.
    You might need to take a second look at the way you look at the concept.

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