Wrong Again

BEAGLE BREATH. Overheard on the Glenn Beck Program on Thursday, “Conservatives need to RUN from Chris Christie.”

Sorry, Glenn. No.

Conservatives need to run Chris Christie off the freakin’ national stage.

Please make note of it.

One response to “Wrong Again

  1. Interesting how quickly Eric Holder’s DOJ started an investigation over a Jersey traffic jam, but does NOTHING over Fast & Furious, Benghazi, massive voter fraud, IRS intimidation, NSA spying and so much more. WHY aren’t Boehner and McConnell screaming about the hypocracy?

    As for Arik Sharon’s passing, I doubt that he will get the praise that Mandella got, but that does’t preclude another $11 mill road trip and the chance to hit on that smokin hot Danish babe. Gotta remember to leave Michellle home this time. Is she still in Hawaii? Is it true that she stayed in Hawaii coz she asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he said he wanted a Danish?

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