Wounded Warrior Project

CLAIMS TO NOT WANT to get involved in a “controversial” political issue, such as having a spokesperson appear on an explicitly political show (hight, so they say, Gun Talk — I plead ignorance, as I don’t watch it).

The only reason that firearms are “controversial” in the first place is that the EXPLICITLY POLITICAL enemies of the warriors — wounded or not — have made them so. Remember these are the people who love it when soldiers come home in coffins. They support troops who frag their officers. They’d prefer that the (failed) educationist establishment be provided with unlimited funding (never mind that it has and, yet — check it out — failed) while the military (including, one might note, those wounded warriors) has to hold a bake sale.

No. I have to agree with the Law Dawg. Back of the hand to WWP. Support instead Soldiers Angels.

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