With The Gunwalker Scandal Finally Breaking In The News

THOSE OF YOU WHO have been following all along the heroic investigative reportage turned in by Mike Vanderboegh, Sharyl Atkisson, and David Codrea may recall that, early on (and I haven’t heard that this has changed), there were rumors that certain of the federally-licensed gun dealers who had supplied the walked guns had done so under threats from the ATF that they would face bureaucratic sanction and possible financial ruin if they didn’t cooperate — despite their deep, fundamental, and valid objections to the despicable nature of the program (so obvious was it from the very beginning).

So, when you hear reporters and commentators elide that fact and say, “The government ‘let’ guns get from the states down to Mexico,” remember this: they didn’t — scorn quotes — “let” them go. Under normal circumstances, they never would have gotten there. The government forced the issue. In essence, the government committed a crime where there was none, where there was little or no likelihood of one, and where those parties to the crime whose testimony we can trust objected to the whole scheme in the first place.

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