When Laws Are Risible

I SCOFF at them, too.

And it can be effective. Years ago, the Perkins restaurant where I had breakfast on weekends put little signs on the table about you had to ask for drinking water because we need to conserve, etc. and so-forth: bullshit. I called them on it. Pointed out that we live in the Ohio freakin’ River valley. It drains the eastern half of the country, almost. From the Appalachians to the Mississippi. It carries the Allegheny, Monongahela, Kanawha, Kentucky, Green, Cumberland, Tennessee, Miami, Scioto, and Wabash river flow to the Mississippi. The flow past the port of Cincinnati is in the hundreds of thousands of cubic feet per second. We. Do. Not. Have. A. Water. Shortage. Never have. Never will. What we have is a failure of a public utility — a government monopoly, as a matter of fact — to increase output to meet demand. Or to price a commodity to reflect market realities.

Next day, the signs were gone, the policy discontinued.

Scoff away.

And you are ALL scofflaws, too. I can prove it.

How? You ask. Easily.

Do you obey the speed limit laws? At all times and in all places? See? Scofflaw. Don’t care how you rationalize it; you’re a scofflaw, too.

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