Well, Squish

LOST THE COMMENTS, which sucks, although probably not for the reason you’re thinking. It means something went wrong with the export/import process. I know for a fact that the comments got brought along, because I saw them in the RSS files as I scanned them. And they’re properly associated with their posts, but they don’t show up in the actual page.


I also am having to adapt to this rather primitive WYSIWYG editor. Hate it! It keeps wanting to change my in-post code. Not cool.

But, at least, I got all the content — or the majority of the content on the Internet — transferred over, my Engine Hosting account shut down in time to prevent an automatic renewal, the domain registration transferred away from GoDaddy (I don’t know whether to be happy, sad, or resigned that you have to go through so many damned hoops do the transfer — or that it’s so easy to hijack a new WordPress site.), and at least a plan for how to rebuild the page templates.

And, then, we get to work on points for style — like installing a search facility. No more asking Alger for the “Nice Tits” post in the middle of the night. Now you’ll be able to find it yourself.

Won’t that be grand?

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