Was This Anticipated? Or…?

I HAVE LONG MAINTAINED that the phrase “unanticipated consequences” is a dodge. I’ve never seen one adduced that wasn’t actually — in truth — anticipated. It’s just that, at the time folks were — you know — anticipating, they were being called naysayers or sticks-in-the-mud or that sort of thing by proponents of the move which engendered the consequences. So, rather than accept the excuse and forgiveness implied in the “unanticipated” part, I’d call them “unacknowledged” consequences. Or “glossed over” consequences. Or “blithely whistled-past-the-graveyard” consequences.

You know, things like what happens when you raise taxes in a recession, or that disarming innocent potential victims doesn’t discourage criminal predators. Or that deficit spending is theft. That inflation is inherently corrupt and corrupting.

Or that government run health care means government rationed health care which inevitably leads to government-sanctioned (indeed, government mandated) murder.

As Sarah Palin and others made clear with the — oft poo-pooed — point on death panels.

You know, it really doesn’t matter whether you get away with something in this world, whether you can fool enough people (including yourself) into supporting you in a wicked course of action. Make no mistake about it, perverting medicine is evil.

We warned you. So, when the prestige of the practice of medicine swiftly sinks like a stone, do not try to claim it was an unanticipated consequence of an otherwise altruistic move. You brought this about via corrupt practices and processes against the resistance of an overwhelming majority of the people, contrary to law and custom, by — frankly — cheating.

That the consequences are ill should be — can be — no surprise. So, if you and your myrmidons think it’s all over, that you won, remember: you have yet to stand before the Throne of Judgement and answer for your sins.

And, you know, karma’s a bitch.

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