Van Jones is an Idiot

BUT A DANGEROUS idiot, nonetheless.

George Lakoff (as Rush says, “rhymes with…”) has written a Little Blue Book. (Funny thing about blue books. They used to be iconic at exam time back in school. (Might still be, for all I know.) I’d mark this one an F.)

And it appears that the Left is going to try to steal the notion of liberty.

Meanwhile, across town, the UN is talking about a billionaire tax to help the poor who weren’t helped by foreign aid and relief because their problem isn’t poverty — it’s kleptocratic statists, who are kept in power by — class…? class…? Bueller…? — right: the United Nations. And officials of our government, who have sworn oaths to preserve, protect, and defend the — what institution? class…? — right the Constitution… are now proposing that the U.S. enter into a treaty which will infringe no only on Americans’ rights to keep and bear arms, but will infringe on the rights of people not even subject to American law. Whatta country!

And Van Jones is on the stump trying to sell the notion that capitalism is a threat to liberty.

Yeah. Right.

Just remember, you can’t trust a Leftist to tell the truth on any subject, and you certainly cannot trust them on the subject of your personal liberty. So your Short Left mnemonic is: when a leftist talks about protecting your liberty, keep your hand on your wallet. Those people wouldn’t know liberty if it bit them on the ass. (And it’s likely to.) But they sure know how to glom onto power like a crocodile. And they sure know how to steal and spend other people’s money like it grew on trees.

They’re trying to persuade that corporations are trying to get control of the government. In contradiction, I offer you the example of Microsoft, which was resolutely apolitical until Washington sent the message they had better pay up or Washington would ruin them. This is typical. This does not strike me as corporations trying to get control of the government so much as they are trying to defend themselves against government predation.

And, I might point out — as I did twenty years ago to an acquaintance engaged in hysterical hyperventilation about corporate power — that corporations don’t have guns. They don’t have armed death squads roaming the countryside, looking for doors to kick down in the dark of night. They don’t have the power.

So shit me no bullshit about corporate power being a greater threat than that of the government.

The Blaze reports.

Pro tip to Glenn Beck: your web site is bloated. It takes and ice age to load. Fix it.

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