Unions Are Un-American

REGULAR READERS OF BTB are aware it’s not too fine a point to put on it that I hate unions. They are as far from the American sense of square dealing and fair play as you can get. They start out acting in bad faith, by using threats, intimidation, and coercion to deny private property rights, rights of free association, and self-determination.

Public sector unions are all of that on stilts — and most especially so-called (scorn quotes) “education” unions. It was clear from the foundation of the AFT that this would be the end — millions of children held hostage to greed pigs, demanding unearned pay increases in times of financial hardship for the host on which they are parasites, and refusing to accept any measure of accountability. They want to be paid — more — for not doing their jobs.

Fuck ’em. Fire ’em all and let them find real jobs.Putting your kids in public schools amounts to child abuse anyway.

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