Two Lessons to Draw

FROM THE ATTACKS in North Africa on Tuesday.

1) The West must stop referring to Islam as a religion. It. Is. Not. It is a toxic political ideology, closely related to and every bit as perilous as other flavors of fascism. It should be treated just as we would treat outbreaks of national socialism in Western Europe.

2) There needs to be a general housecleaning in the Department of State.
The Department must represent American interests abroad, not foreign interests at home. The diplomatic Stockholm syndrome evidenced by both the apologetic tweets from the Cairo mission and the general defensive crouch State displays toward aggression must be weeded out. The most powerful nation on Earth should be able to project power at least as well as Soviet Russia, whose diplomats have not faced such humiliation in worse parts of the world. You mess with a Russian diplomat, you get the horns. No doubt, no hesitation. That protection should be extended to American citizens anywhere. You touch an American, you bring down on yourself and your surrounds the fires of hell, yea unto the seventh generation.

This. Shit. Must. Stop.

How many times have you said that? To what effect? How many times you gonna say it?

Until it happens or I go to meet my maker, one, first.

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One response to “Two Lessons to Draw

  1. It won’t stop until we rediscover our own moral certainty in our own culture. The post-modern academic has gutted out society, reducing our pride to apologetic submission to the “other”.

    We are the bad guys. Once a society believes that about themselves, they lose the ability to fight back as hard as necessary – to do what it takes. They second guess everything. Lost in the nuance.

    Our enemies do not have that handicap. They are certain. And therefore intractable.

    Victor Davis Hanson once said, “When men become so civilized that they no longer can tolerate the horrors ofwar, they will be destroyed by uncivilized men who can.”

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