To My Mind, This Guy’s Actions Are Very Much

AKIN TO POISONING A WELL. As such, hangin’s too good for him.

One response to “To My Mind, This Guy’s Actions Are Very Much

  1. Ignore the venom of other writers.
    Ignore the “workshops,” “prize juries,” and “critics’ circles” in which they congregate.
    Writers — especially “professional” writers — are unbelievably envious and vindictive.
    Rarely does one writer bestow well-meant advice on another.
    Indeed, the most common “advice” thus awarded is “Give it up. You’re hopeless.”
    This might be inherent in the writer’s character, or conditioned in by the community context, which has always been dominated by the small-souled.
    Always suspect ulterior motives in the “helpful” or “generous” writer.
    Never take what a writer says at face value.
    Start with me.

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