Throwing a BS Flag on da Prez

WHEN HE SAYS “We should not hold the middle class hostage while we debate tax increases for the wealthy.”

Bull — ah say, ah say — BOOOOLL. Shit. </foghornleghorn>

In trying ta split high income earners out from the rest of the herd, holding the middle class hostage to your despicable policies is exactly — Ah say, pre-CISE-ly — what you’re doin, there, Son! Yer tryin’ to milk us all and hope we don’t notice behint that fancy dancin’ yer doon.

An’ another thing, speakin’ of sleight of hand, is you or ain’t you lyin’ through yer teeth when you say you want to tax the wealthy when you really mean high-earners? ‘Cause the TRULY wealthy don’t have wage and salary income to speak of. They’ve got theirs and live on the interest. Like the Kennedies.

Don’t hear no proposals to tax THEM, even though it sounds a LOT like you’re trying to get people to THINK them when you say “wealthy,” even though your target is the guy who owns a plumbing business, or the building contractor, or the auto shop owner.

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