Those Rigged Polls

SOME TIME AGO I seem to recall that Mel Gibson, when he was in better ordure with Hollywierd, saying that his father had taught him one of those Cardinal Rules of Life, a sort of an eleventh commandment: thou shalt not bullshit thine self.

Now, nobody, let a lone a drunken bigot, should be your model for your life entire, but — as the cliche goes — even a blind pig finds an acorn every once in awhile. And that one seems like a good nugget: don’t BS yourself. See reality for what it is.

So what is it when someone jiggers polls meant for public distribution? In an attempt to cover overwhelming and obdurate sympathy for the opposition? In an attempt to suppress the opposition vote?

Who’s BS-ing whom, here?

2 responses to “Those Rigged Polls

  1. The real wrong, and Gibson would agree, are the onerous ballot access laws which discriminate against third parties. The two corrupt parties are trusts of each other and co-operate in this draconian system.

    This is not to say an occasional anti-elite member of each doesn’t acheive some power, eg Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, but these types are marginalized.

    As any Larison column in THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE on this subject and related can tell you, however, Romney’s projection is generally accurate.
    Nor does he deserve better, being a RINO who would get us in even more wars than drone bombing criminal Obama–which is why the patriot Ron Paul refused to support Mitt even though it would have helped his son, Rand.

  2. BSing yourself cost the Germans two huge wars. But then, the Left doesn’t study military history, so this would come as a surprise to them.

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