There’s No Threat

TO YOU OR YOUR MARRIAGE from gay marriage legalization. Oh, no. It can’t happen here.

That’s it, then. The argument is over. I was right: bad faith intent. Nothing more to see, here.

One response to “There’s No Threat

  1. heh. yeah, I saw that. The lawsuits are starting too.

    it is clear to everyone whose eyes are open that there is an obvious agenda. The left wants the State to be the highest authority, and so long as people of faith exist they are not. Whatever tools can be used to damage the Church are being used- gay marriage, islam, whatever. This is not an hallucination or a whackjob conspiracy theory; if it were you wouldn’t be able to find any evidence that the battle is raging. So far as I can determine, only those people with a specific anti-church agenda deny this.

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