The Stated Reason Alone

ON THE RECENT decision by Stephen King not to release his book Joyland in e-Book format is moronic. The snobbish and retrograde-thinking attitude portrayed misses the mark by a million miles. Colluding to preserve the perqs of outmoded sales practice is about as stupid as you can get.

But he has, here, forgotten the prime directive of business: Markets exist for the benefit of the buyer. Sellers who survive or thrive are those who best serve the needs, wants, desires, and dreams of the buyer. Those who eventually join other failures on Reagan’s Ash Heap are those who seek to bring the dead parrot back to life in order to help out cronies… not so much.

I admire King for his work ethic and his abilities as a storyteller, but I don’t really think he’s all that good a writer. He had his chance with me and I gave that book flying lessons. I’ll probably never give him another chance.

And, knowing he’s a knee-jerk leftist, it doesn’t really surprise me that he would take a decision and offer such a witless excuse for it. I’m sure it will hurt his sales. I’m equally as sure he’ll probably not notice — nor credit the correct reason for the lack.

2 responses to “The Stated Reason Alone

  1. I find he does horror well and the Shawshank Redemption was a good story. But he should stay out of sci-fi and fantasy. He’s not good at them.

  2. I have to admit that I used to be a huge Stephen King fan, but that has waned over the years. Like Jesse said, I always thought his horror stuff was the best. But, I find it hard to support people who work to advance a viewpoint counter to my own. The fact he isn’t going e-book with Joyland doesn’t really surprise me, but there are plenty of other products to fill my Kindle anyway.

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