The Problem with Vote Fraud

IS THAT POLITICIANS won’t exercise the spine required to call out those who resist common sense election reform for the frauds and cheats they are. Resistance to voter identification requirements, strict ballot-handling laws, auditable ballot counting procedures — in short, honest elections — can only — repeat ONLY
— be motivated by a desire to do mischief, to jigger the count, to CHEAT. And those who fight the hardest against honest, fair, and open electoral process (read: Democrats) are the ones who benefit from it.

I defy anyone to prove otherwise.

And those of you who support Democrats who think it’s no big deal need to pull your heads out of your asses. You’re being disenfranchised just as much as the worst extreme right-wing bitter clinger wingnut out there. One bogus vote harms everybody.

And maybe you think it’s OK, since you think you benefit from having corrupt, vote-buying, crony-socialists in office. But you’re wrong.

Put that in your bong and take a hit.

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