The Main Problem With Calls For Civility

IS THAT THEY FALL on deaf ears on the Left. It may be rude to call your opponent a communist or a fascist or a national socialist when he is not, but what is one to do when one’s opponent makes proposals that could have come from the … well, the extreme Left? What should one do when one’s opponent behaves as a commie or a fascist or a Nazi? Is it worth the harm to the republic those toxic ideologies represent to maintain a civil tone? Or is it incumbent upon patriotic Americans to point out the perfidy of the Democrats?

2 responses to “The Main Problem With Calls For Civility

  1. It’s not “deaf ears,” Mark. It’s tactical. We in the Right are constrained by our own standards, so the Left feels safe from reprisal. Were it otherwise, they wouldn’t dare, being deep-dyed cowards who lack the intellectual horsepower required to follow a syllogism through all three steps.

    I once taunted a Leftist who has pretensions to intelligence with the “Collect Underpants Plan” from South Park. His first reaction was “Is that supposed to be funny?” His second reaction was “I can’t see how that’s relevant.” There’s a moral in there, my friend.

  2. Mark Philip Alger

    I was going to reply yesterday, but then GoDaddy did their face plant in the DNS and my comment got lost in the subsequent confusion. I don’t remember the fullness of it, but the long/short was: Alinksy.

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