The Fickle Bone of the Creative Mind

SO I’VE ALREADY STARTED the next novel in the Dolly Apocrypha. Those of you familiar with the story cycle are no doubt thinking, “That’s right. Double Switch.” But no. While Double Switch is in the rotation — on deck, even — it’s not at-bat just yet.

No, next up is Discovery in which I plug a massive plot hole in the whole story arc of the Apocrypha — where did the other dollies come from? We know fromGeppetto’s Log that they were purchased in September 1996 in Hong Kong by Witchlet, who was a Xenite from the word Go. She fell in love with Xena in the episodes of Hercules where Xena was introduced. As she explains to Jeep while they’re galivanting about in Tsing Yi city, she has told her former roommate — the Crown Princess of Faerie, Rowan Leaf — to tape all of the episodes for her as they appear on American television and to express them to her in Greece. She carries the dollies (action figures to mundanes) around Hong Kong in her backpack while Drummond’s Walkers… and then… Well, I could tell you the story, but then I’d be spoiling it for you, so you’ll have to wait.

But that’s where the dollies started. How their animae got into the dollies, and then transferred into clone bodies is the subject of many adventures in the first few volumes of the Dolly Canon. This book, which I am giving the working title Discovery focuses on learning — discovering, if you will — what happens to the dollies after their genesises — genessees. Whatever.

I hope that, within a month — maybe two — I’ll have another novel to be edited, a cover designed for, and to be published as “Book 2A of the Dolly Apocrypha — the first new novel in the series in fourteen years!”

Hey! It could happen. We’ll see.

And the just-finished novel, Report from New Xenaland, isn’t jealous or feeling abandoned at all. Nosiree. Not one bit.

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