The Constitution: It’s Not Just a Good Idea;


People starting out today with, “Was watching the State of the Union show last night…”

Well! There’s your problem!

Didn’t watch it. If I want fiction, I want it written by competent practitioners, not somebody just trying to blow smoke up my ass. However, I could not escape the sound bites on the radio news the following morning.

The first was of the President saying, “I don’t care if your vote is “No”, these issues deserve a vote.” Actually, Sir, no. They. Don’t. The Law (Remember it?) says the right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. That says you don’t get a vote. The issues don’t get a vote. It’s not subject to a vote. If you want to change that, change the law. Amend the Constitution. What’s that? It wouldn’t pass? Isn’t that kind of the point? Of course it is.

You nitwit.

You don’t get to waive my rights.

The other was the laundry list of tired, old, lies used as a dodge to avoid decent scientific scrutiny in advance of turning society and the economy upside down to stop “climate change.” Which, since it’s been so thoroughly debunked — and by actual practitioners in the field, not politically motivated hack statisticians — should be every bit as much a dead letter as the 2nd Amendment. But these legacy partisans from that failed ideology keep trying to feed us these same, old, tired, yesterday’s news…

Lies. And, if the President will lie to you on a subject where you might not disagree, what exactly can you trust him on? How long until you figure out that the entire partisan structure on the left is lying to you, has been lying to you since the Founding, and will continue to lie to you until Kingdom Come — world without end. Amen? Hmm?

But that aside, here’s a clue to you: climate is change. So those witlings are arguing that we need stop change change.


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