The Caturday Post

SINCE THE LAST POST there has arisen a sort of detente between our double-wide terrorists (seen below as kittens in 2009) and Karma (right), seen a year ago. It’s hard to say why, but the most apparent sign and portent is that Karma Chameleon is more playful — a lighter presence in the house — and participates in the reindeer games of the three youngest kittens, Chester (“Chazter”), Earnie (“Oinie”), and Jane (“Jane Get Off the Counter!”). Of course, since I’m not as well off as Aston Kucher, I don’t have that new fast Nikon, so I can’t get pictures of them rambuncting at light speed around the house in low light. (Light speed in low light. A name for something, but what?)

Meanwhile, the afforementioned kitteh terrorists seem to have agreed to lighten up on Karma. Some. They — mostly Jazz — still stalk her and ambush her. Just not as much as before. Almost as if, having joined the kittens’ “gang,” she now shelters under their umbrella of protection and finds safety in numbers. Of course, Aqua outweighs Jane, like, 10:1… OK. 3:1, but still..


They are Siamese if you DON’T please. The triplets gambol on the study front windowsill. Nowadays, the three of them barely fit in this space. (Clockwise from UL: Jazz, Aqua, Sky.)

Earnie, meanwhile, is trying for the Bill Gates World Jumping Record. (Story about Gates who, when he was a kid, made a “thing” out of an ability to jump into or out of a big garbage can.) Earnie, for his part, leaps from the kitchen floor onto the counter with startling suddenness and skids to a sideways stop, as though to show he has more than enough stuff to float like a butterfly.

Maybe by this time next week, Karma will be catpiling with the Triplets. Wouldn’t THAT be nice?

Sky and Aqua — or maybe Aqua and Sky.

And now, it’s nap time.

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