The Author of That Newsweek Cover Article

YOU KNOW, THE ONE with the catchy headline — ::snap!:: ::snap!:: — “Hit the Road, Barack!” has apparently roused a firestorm amongst the chattering bandar log in the left commentariat. Since I don’t read Newsweek I apparently missed the fact that his name is Niall Ferguson. I feel depraved. Er– deprived, I mean. Sorry. I use either so rarely in normal conversation, neither jumps readily to mind.

ANY way… So Roger Simon (him I’ve heard of before) does a take on it, in which he makes a syllogism of sorts which is eerily familiar…

Ferguson shows in unanswerable detail that his critics adopt a three-pronged strategy of evasiveness. First, they avoid his central arguments. Second, they claim to be challenging the facts he has marshaled, when all they really do is purvey opinions masquerading as facts. Third, they nitpick and name-call.

Well. It has three points and a QED feel to it. So I used the term “syllogism” wrong. Sue me. Revoke my poetic license.

But Kimball’s formulation does remind me of a certain scrap of text authored by … oh, I don’t know … maybe … ME!? … called Alger’s Law.

“A leftist idea can be recognized by three earmarks, It will be: 1) Founded in ignorance, 2) Focused on irrelevance, 3) Engaged in wishful thinking.

Which reminds me. I need to get my quotes roll back up in the right sidebar one of these days real soon now.

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