That Obama’s Father of the Mind

WAS A “CARD-CARRYING” member of the Communist Party USA, (Number 47544), is not as big a deal all by itself as Glenn Beck was making it out to be on Tuesday.

I knew communists back in the ’60s. One of my best friends was a communist. NOT, I should hasten to point out, a card-carrying member of CPUSA, because, as with the Weather Underground and other terrorist organizations of the era, out of five people conspiring, three would be government agents provocateur.

In a lot of circles, actual CPUSA members were looked down upon as wannabe poseuers.

Not that that makes Frank Marshall Davis any less despicable, and his mentoring of Barack Obama (and the media’s concealment of those facts) any less reprehensible, and that facts any less dispositive of Obam’s fitness for the office of dogcatcher, let alone the Presidency of the United States.

After all, membership in some particular front organization notwithstanding, small-c communism and capital-C Communism, as revolutionary ideologies, and on the basis of their 20th Century body count alone — and to hell with the rest of the butcher’s bill of their sins — is/are the singular greatest evil(s) ever encompassed by the minds of Men. That Obama so freely mouths the movement’s choicest shibboleths should give any patriotic American pause, and it’s tragic, really, that there are so few of that breed in the corridors of power these days.

But: CPUSA? Meh.

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