Ten Years Ago At This Hour

STILL MESSING WITH THE META I fine-tune the blogroll.

I’ve added a link to the Online Writing Workshop Web page. If you’re not a member, this isn’t of much use to you, since it’s a closed site.

Howsomever … if you are a writer in need of a community of likeminded souls, you could look far and wide and not find a better one.

I’ve also added a link to another online workshop–Critters.

I belong to both and have found each of value. I suspect that, in this day and age, and given the Xtreme Darwinian nature of the sport of writing–particularly in the field of speculative fiction–it may be nigh well impossible for a writer to develop his or her skills to a professionally-publishable level without the aid of a workshop or similar venue.

There are of course live, face-to-face workshops, with intense curricula, which allow rapid growth on the part of an author. Attendance at some would seem a virtual guarantee of publication.

But these online venues permit the neophyte, (or the developing old-timer), to develop at a more relaxed pace, even to work such development into and around an already-full life. Something which I daresay a prospective attendee of, say, Clarion workshops, would find it hard to do.

:: Mark Alger 8:08 PM

The OWW site isn’t entirely closed. There is, for example, a Hall of Fame — a brief precis of some of the accomplishments of alumni. One of the first members listed, and I was unaware of this at the time, although I was a member then, was Jim Butcher. There’s a notice of his first sales of the Dresden Files, which — at least early on — were workshopped at OWW.

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