Ten Years Ago At This Hour

GETTING META and the birth of the blogroll.

I’ve changed the template — discovered Blog Skins, and so may do even more in the future. This one is called The Sandbox at Night, which I like almost as much for the title — dark and romantic–as for its appearance. It’s designed by Eliza Wee, who ought to get the credit for it.

But it has provisions for links, which I like. I’ve added two of mine. Andrew Sullivan’s blog is a place I visit daily for news and attitude. AS also provides a touchstone of what can be done with sufficient talent and will and a blog. Dollspace is someplace I discovered by accident, (some notes on that in a bit). I have no idea what it’s about, since I don’t read Japanese. (Did I mention that the site is in Japanese?) But the images there of the dolls–startlingly human-like–are hauntingly beautiful. The fitting serendipity of finding the site when I am engaged in writing a story about a doll come to life is … magic.

Part of my intention with this blog, (here he goes getting serious again–get out the nerf bats!), is to share these moments of serendipity-doo-dah with … you. You being anybody who stops by.

:: Mark Alger 5:59 PM

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Used to be the Daily Dish was on everybody’s blogroll. Then Sully got his fallopian tubes in a knot over DOMA and, now, I couldn’t even tell you where to find him in the ‘Sphere.

Fallopian tubes?

It’s a metaphor, Dolly. Go with it.

WHAT. Everrrr.

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