Ten Years Ago At This Hour

An interesting — I hope — log of a journey of discovery going on in parallel with the writing of a novel.

A Baby Troll is Dolly and Dolly is the Baby Troll.

Thought you’d never ask. Dolly is Gabrielle Dolly — the central character of my magnum opus. She is a a created being, born of the accidental casting of a soul into a plastic Gabrielle Dolly — an action figure, a merchandising tie-in to Xena: Warrior Princess, a Barbie-Doll-like toy. Like Pinocchio, she quickly conceives the desire to become a Real Grrl.

Dolly’s story started out as fan fiction. It quickly became apparent to me that–if I were up to it–she could entertain a wider audience than the few hundred or thousand who read her stories on the Xenaverse. So, a little while ago — too long, it sometimes seems [And even longer, now, ten years later, but we’re still working on it — Ed.] — I started out on the weird odyssey of bringing Dolly to a wider audience.

I’m an impatient sort. I want so badly to publish something every day. But, of course, Dolly’s stories don’t come complete or fit for public consumption that quickly. The current one, called Geppetto’s Log, has been in the works in one form or another for over a year, now, and even the plot is only three-quarters done.

So the blog. What I intend to post — right now: obviously subject to change — are the little nuggets I discover along the way: bits of wisdom or fascinating knowledge, the little raindrops of inspiration that don’t seem to fit, the exciting fragments and bits of the story that come out of sequence or subject to extensive change. It is my hope that this will aid my mental processes, but also that it will entertain and — perhaps — delight.

And who knows? Maybe, having been exposed to Dolly this way, you may some day be moved to buy a story about her. {evil grin}

:: Mark Alger 3:39 PM

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