Ten Years Ago At This Hour

AT LAST! Some real bloggage. Zero to — well, you decide — in 30 minutes.

Down to business. It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon in Cincinnati and I have finally ginned up the courage or whatever to get this started. I’ve been thinking about it–doing a blog–for a long time. I’ve been thinking of keeping a journal for longer and have never somehow gotten around to it.

So–you say–f***ing what?

Good question. I’m a writer. I AM a writer. That is, all my life, whenever somebody’s asked me, “What are you?” I’ve answered — if only to myself — I’m a writer. It’s my self-image. And, like many writers, I’ve searched forever for ways of organizing my thoughts external to myself. I’ve gone the spiral-bound stenopad route. I’ve gone the excrutiatingly precious blank book route. And now, in the digital age, I’m trying various electronic storage methods.

And isn’t he just too f***ing serious? Sorry. I’m going to go eat lunch.

:: Mark Alger 2:46 PM

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