Taxes vs Revenue

WXIX (FOX 19)’s BEN SWANN (FOX 19 REALITY CHECK) asserted on the
55 WKRC morning show Tuesday AM that “Democrats are looking to raise revenues.”


Were Democrats honestly interested in raising revenues to the Treasury, they would cut marginal income tax rates across the board. The utility of this move — the relationship between tax rates and revenues — has been so clearly demonstrated, time after time after time, by congresses and administrations of either party, in nation after nation from the beginning of recorded history — so dispositively proven as to be beyond doubt or dispute.

Thus giving the lie to the notion that Democrats seek ways and means by which they may increase revenue to the Treasury.

Therefor, any sane observer can ONLY conclude that the relentless drive to raise taxes has other motives. And, since it is emphatically factual — axiomatic, even — that the Dem’s policies will not only have a negative impact on revenues, they will also suppress economic activity, one must be forced to assume that these are the end goals.

That’s right: Democrats want to starve the government and tank the economy. It’s the only possible conclusion.

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