St. Ann This Week

IS ON THE WARPATH about Republican stupidity. Her column this week takes the GOP to task for running stupid candidates. Really? Looks to me more like the people who step up are stupid. How about getting less-stupid people to step up?


“Well…” what?

You are, as Mycroft put it, not-stupid.

I’m flattered. But… no. I wouldn’t do as a candidate. Not even in a suit. I’ll just say that southwest Ohio is mostly lucky in the kind of people who step up. No, Josh Mandel didn’t win. And the nation is all the poorer for having Sherrod Brown shoved down our throats for another 6 years. But Mandel is a good guy and he’ll be back. Or the Second District’s own Brad Wenstrup — stepping in to replace Jean Schmidt — that was a win, wunnit?

But we really need to get rid of this notion that, because the Republicans won’t run liberty-oriented originalists, the People lose.

What? Third party? That makes a fuck of a lotta sense!

No. I’m thinking more along the lines of a good second party. Or, actually, first party. Relegated the Dems to second place.

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