St Ann Is Back in My Good Graces

FOR HER EVISCERATION of Obamacare in this week’s column. In passing, she asserts “Screw you, Mickey Kaus,” (Who, she writes, is a principal cheerleader for Obamacare — but, more likely, the IDEA of universal, government-paid medical cost-shifting.)

Which brings me to mind the appropriate response to that Rhode Island State Senator (Why should I trouble myself to remember his name?) whose terminal arrogance entitles him to denigrate, vitiate, and generally ignore the Second Amendment to the Federal Constitution. GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Actually, that is growing in my mind to THE appropriate response to leftist importunings.


One response to “St Ann Is Back in My Good Graces

  1. You are more lenient that I am.

    I’ll give her a couple of points for that one, but she done lost about a hundred with her little “bromance”, or whatever you want to call it, with Christie.

    She can be right a hundred more times in a row, but I still won’t trust her any further than I can throw her car. She’s good at disguising it, but she’s a RINO at heart, and I have her number.

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