Spoiler Alert

YOU MAY HAVE GOT Obama — er, Osama — but, in the third act plot twist … or, maybe earlier, as in the opening scene plot twist — you pretty much fucked up everything else. Including that whole “popular with our allies” thing.

If… the deaths of four Americans is “not optimal” (consider the optics of the Coptics) … and you’re gonna “fix” that … maybe we did underestimate your divinity. What are you gonna do to “fix” that? Bring those four Americans back to life? Pretty amazing, Barry.

Havin’ to run fast and furious to get away from that’n, eh? Talk about a convenient forgettery.

Aw, you know, Alger. That whole Romnesia thing is projection, like Democrats always do.

True genug, Baby Doll.

And, Barry — it’s trite to say, but still so very true — THIS gone leave a mawk.

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