Sorry I Forget Where

I FOUND THIS, BUT this guy makes a VERY persuasive case for Mr. Newt. Not entirely sold, but less anti- than before. Still don’t get why Newt insists that medicine needs to be privileged above other realms of life in his desire to require that Americans demonstrate the ability to pay in advance for medical care but not for housing, groceries, or a schooling. Or why it’s any of the government’s business in the first place. Elsewhere, Newt has said that his primary objection to immediate full stop to all unconstitutional actions of the federal government is not a matter of principle, but one of pragmatism — the Left’s resistance to such a maneuver would likely stop it in its tracks, no matter how outsized a majority of Americans may support it, and the fight would fairly define the word internecine. I can understand that, no matter how little I like it. But this series of video clips is heartening.

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