Somehow the Irony Impaired Among Us

SEEM TO BE ABLE TO keep missing this. Many of them — perhaps even a majority — smoke pot, but think that laws will keep people from having guns.

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  1. Whaaaaat? DOOD! You’re harshing my buzz here!

  2. Mark Philip Alger

    How ’bout some more… On the other side of the coin, there’s this problem that conservatives have with agency. They understand that guns don’t kill people, but somehow think that recreational drugs cause societal ills.


  3. Recreational drugs may not cause societal ills, but using them sure as hell seems to. Either that or all the dopers, drunks, methheads and etc. that are currently infesting the area where I live are what now passes for fine upstanding citizens.

  4. Mark Philip Alger

    Saw a statistic this afternoon — courtesy of Insty. Gonna put up a post about it, AAMOF. It is that, in Baltimore, 91% of the victims of murder are themselves criminals.

    Now, I have long held that very nearly all of the social pathologies ascribed to illegal drugs fall on the “illegal” side of the ledger, and not the “drugs” side. No more or less than is the case with alcohol.

    The creation by the state of black markets in contraband (of any nature, not just of intoxicants) is a major contributor to crime. People, when left to their own devices, are largely NOT prone to violence against one another.

    In Cincinnati, if you control for trafficking in illegal drugs, our violent crime rate drops to virtually zero. I choose to view the desire to meddle in somebody else’s business and abuse government power to do so as an aggravating factor to violent crime.


  5. Sure. But that is not the point you made; the use of drugs (legal and illegal) for recreational purpose is in itself a societal ill, because a nonzero portion of the users are or become abusers. The crime is focused around drug use because that activity os profitable. When you remove the profitability from drug sales, those same people will look for other profitable enterprises. Look at the mob and gambling. People will gravitate toward enterprises that offer quick returns, it is ever so. Crime often results.

    it is my personal opinion that if you’re stupid or weak willed enough to allow your life to be ruled by drugs, or booze, or gambling, or dairy queen, or whatever, you deserve what’s coming to you- and without gubmint intervention in your ‘Treatment” or “Support”. Painfully, this does not simply involve the user/abuser but those around him/her, and this is all further complicated by the mental health issues that are now a big part of the discussion.

    Crime? pah. There will always be crime. You want that to go away, you’d better get rid of humans. No, the crime is not the societal ill, the addiction is, and the use by those least able to deal with the effects. The dirty secret of the ‘War on drugs” is most people are perfectly happy, frankly, with keeping the crime among the animals- the addicts, the muttering loonies, the denizens of the ghetto. As you say, stay away from that activity, and the crime is practically zero. Eliminate the ‘War on drugs” and the focus of those who wish to profit handsomely moves from the ghetto to your big fancy home in bucktown.

  6. here’s the quote, telling then and now:

    “In my city, we would keep the traffic in the dark people, the coloreds. They’re animals anyway, so let them lose their souls.”

    This is not a fiction but a truth shared by liberal and conservative, in my opinion.

  7. I have read that people who smoked enough dope in college don’t remember it, but I didn’t believe that until recently.

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