So The Regime Has

ANNOUNCED THAT THEY won’t answer the phone when it’s Arizona calling.

Isn’t Caller ID wonderful?

So, what I think the ‘Zonans ought to do is, when they have a quota of illegals in custody, they ought to bus them over and drop them in front of the Federal building.

And make sure the media is there when they do.

I mean, isn’t it racist to assume that an individual of a given ethnic background is in favor of breaking the law? That they have a greater attachment to strangers from their own “old-country” background than they do to the enforcement of the law for the public safety of where they live now?

So Obama thinks that, because he just told all the Hispanic citizens in Arizona, “Fuck you!”, they’re going to vote with him in November?

Do you NEED further proof that this bunch is disconnected from reality?

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