So The Morons Are Calling Peanut Butter

AND JELLY racist. Because, you know, only white people like peanut butter.

Double-you. Tee. Eff? (!!!1!)

This is what happens when you let unions run the schools.

Did any of you moronic fuckwitted “ed-you-kay-tors” ever hear of George Washington Carver? The… fucking inventor of peanut butter? The founder of the Tuskeegee Institute? Is it possible that a white man knows more about one of the probably the most heroic black man of the past two hundred years than all of you racially-challenged IDIOTS!?

In case you really ARE that stupid, here’s a picture of him.

Actually, Alger, that item was a satire at the People’s Cube.

Does that matter? <doctorsheldoncooper> Those people call themselves educators, but they’re really not fit to teach a rock. They can barely speak coherently, they’re functionally illiterate, and, if you were to quiz them on the subject, they couldn’t name a single fact about George Washington Carver. </doctorsheldoncooper> That piece may be satire, but it’s truer than it knows.

By the way, Carver didn’t found the Tuskegee Institute. He only taught there, albeit for almost 50 years.

Well isn’t that just swell. Tear my thesis all to pieces why don’t you.

That’s it fer you, then. No more Big Bang Theory after ten.

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