So the Blogosphere Is Making Fun of Zero

FOR 1: NOT knowing how to dial an iPhone and B: trying to slough the blame off on a staffer’s service plan. Well, the second item is totally lame, but what do you expect from a malignant narcissist. But the first one… I found myself wondering.

You see, I have an iPhone. But I dial EVERYBODY from contacts. Contacts which I enter on my laptop in Outlook and sync with my phone using the iTunes sync utility.

So. Do I know how to actually — you know — dial an iPhone? Grab my iPhone and check it out to see if I can.

So lessee. Hit the home button to wake the phone up. Slide the unlock. Tap the phone icon on the touch screen. Tap the keypad icon. Type in the number. Tap the green Call button.

Oh. Yeah. Hold the phone up to your ear and wait for your party to answer.

Wow! That’s hard! But still… You’d think somebody with an Ivy League law degree could figure that out… on the fly, even.

How smart is this guy… actually?

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