So Some Demwit

RANTS THAT “being asked to pay your fair share isn’t class warfare, it’s patriotism!”

How many ways can such a short sentence be wrong? Let me count the ways.

First, is the mendacious premise that what the Democrats are doing is asking anybody to “pay his fair share.” A fair share is everybody pays the same. That’s actually what the Constitution requires and why the graduated income tax is unconstitutional. By any realistic measure of fairness, the only people not paying their fair share are members of the Democrats’ core constituency — life’s takers. The people who (e.g.) commit burglaries because the government “doesn’t give us enough money” or who demand that Obama pay for their new car “out of his stash.” Those are the people who are not paying any taxes. The people who are being importuned to lay back and enjoy being raped for more and more-extortionate tax monies are already paying some outrageous and indefensible high percentage of the total burden. How is that fair?

So the whole “fair share” thing is a lie. And ought to disqualify the rest.

Second, nobody’s being “asked.” It’s not as though a collection plate is being passed. Oh, hell no. There are gangs of armed thugs roaming the streets of American, demanding ever larger chunks of the nation’s sustenance to be “redistributed” to people who haven’t earned it and don’t deserve it. OK, so I exaggerate. How much do I exaggerate? Does not the IRS operate beyond the limits of constitutionally-protected rights of the citizenry? Was not the Founders’ Revolution started over taxation — importunate and grasping? If God can be satisfied with ten percent, why should the state feel it meet to demand thirty? (And, pleased to note, God does ask, does pass the collection plate, does say, “let your conscience be your guide”, does accept what’s given without complaint. Can the state say the same? Where are the Treasury monks who have taken a vow of poverty and dedicated their lives to the service of the state, asking no material recompense?)

What do you suppose happens when you refuse to pay “your fair share?” Ask Wesley Snipes. Ask Willie Nelson. Just don’t ask Timothy Geithner.

“Being asked” is not morally or logically equivalent to “being held up a gunpoint.” The two are not the same.

And, no, it’s not “being asked” that’s class warfare. It’s the asking. It’s the demonizing of the successful. It’s the lie that even a 100% tax rate on the so-called rich (which somehow always manages to exempt the Kennedies and the Rockefellers) would not make a dent in the government’s fiscal problems and would have no positive effect — would indeed, have a negative effect — on your life.

So the whole “being asked” thing is a lie. And ought to disqualify the rest.

And when was the last time one of these well-off Democrat demagogues voluntarily paid the government more than the least they could get away with? Warren Buffet, call your tax attorney.

And, finally, there’s the patriotism dodge. It says right here on the side of the box, “In order to preserve these rights, governments are instituted among men. And, when those governments fail in their duties, free men have the right — indeed, the obligation — to tear them down and replace them with mechanisms better-suited to the service of the people.” OK, it’s not a direct quote, but you know what I mean. And if you don’t, kindly be quiet. Adults are talking, here.

It is not patriotism to knuckle under to your oppressors, to toady to tyrants, to beg for crumbs from their hand, from their table, laden with the ill-gotten goods, stolen from better men and women. That is slavery. That is treason to your fellow man. And it is certainly not patriotic to accept stolen goods from corrupt politicians.

And, yes, the attempts of the Democrat party to regularize their corrupt, grasping practices, and make them mainstream are — exactly — class warfare, when they set one group of Americans against another. Most assuredly is.

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