So President Pond Scum

WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE that the Republicans are licking their chops over rising oil prices because… what? Republicans want you to pay more at the pump? Hardly. It’s the Democrats who will tell you in candid moments that they think Americans don’t pay enough for gasoline. Did you ever hear the like? Why is that? Because you use too much otherwise, that’s why. But… If you pay for it… Why is it anybody’s business but yours? Right? And who is it that keeps blocking exploration and exploitation. Why do you think they don’t drill as much as they can off the California coast? The Atlantic shore? In the Gulf of Mexico? In the Utica Shale in Upstate New York? Ask anybody: environmental concerns. Valid or not.

No, my friends — and you need to spread this word far and wide — it is your President who wishes you to pay higher gasoline prices. He’s said as much. And he believes he is justified in doing so, despite all evidence to the contrary. Despite the fact that he really doesn’t have the lawful authority to do what he’s doing. And his reason for doing this is that he wants the economy to tank. He wants you to lose your job, your house, to break up your family. He wants you huddled in misery, underfed, served poorly by a starvling medical establishment, eking out a benighted existence in abject poverty.

He thinks that’s your just desert.

And you need to make sure this truth is heard far and wide this year. You need to vote against the President and his party. You need to fight him and them at every turn.

If you don’t — mark my words — your future will grow ever more bleak.

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