So Mayor Dumberg Beclowned Himself

LAST WEEK AND floated a notion whereby new immigrants would be assigned to a city (say… Detroit) and required to live there for seven years with no public support. And, if they survive, they get citizenship.

Yes! And then, of course, there’s “You didn’t build that” and “We tried it your way (liberty, free markets, limited regulation, low taxes) and it didn’t work.” (for the 200+ years since the founding of the country, when the country became the richest, most powerful nation EVER) — from the President.

Nobody’s calling for either one of them to step down.

And then there’s Todd Akin.

YEAH, RIGHT. Like no Democrat ever founded unutterably dumb and ascientific beliefs on a mishearing of something told them by a practitioner of an art.

Somebody livin’ in BIG glass houses.

A perfect example of why reasonable people think Democrats are crapweasels. Todd Akin. Says something stupid. Democrats A) debate the merits of the statement, B) laugh and point, C) get their feathers in an uproar and demand an immediate execution because the statement is — get this — offensive.

Like Democrats never say anything which offends their opposition.

No. Like their opposition never goes for the throat when they do.

You mean to say tit-for-tat is fair play in politics?

Why wouldn’t it be?

More to the point, why would anyone want to rule it out of bounds?

Well, duh! They want to hobble their opponents!

Which — what? — makes it fair play?

And, like Rush said Tuesday, Akin just talked out his ass to argue for a perfectly reasonable position. For those pressing for a rape-and-incest exception to the argument that abortion is morally wrong, the point here is it ain’t the kid’s fault! Don’t. Punish. The Kid.

Well, I always say that the scriptural statement that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons, yea unto the seventh generation is less a promise of divine retribution than it is an observation of the facts of life.

This is where, in YOUR posts, you say to me, (::deepens voice::) “Right in one, Baby Doll,” or “From the mouths of babes, Dolly! And what a babe you are!”

And I am, ain’t I?

Yes you are, Dolly. Yes you are. And quite sassy, too.

::they look at each other expectantly::

ANYway! As I was sayin’. The only time, it seems, when the establishment calls for one of these creatures to self-immolate is when they’re not perceived to have enough of a power base to fight back. Like a challenger running against an incumbent — usually an incumbent Democrat. Or a Republican incumbent, weakened by a scandal — real or fabricated. (George Allen, call your office.)

Are you sayin’ this is a kind of political schoolyard bullying?

Naw. I was thinking more along the lines of social Darwinism.

Oo! Ouch!

As long as we’re discussing leftist fabrications.

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