So It’s Scientifically Proven

WHEN YOU ASK YOUR GUY “Did you like her boobs?” And he answers, “I didn’t notice…” he’s probably being more honest with you about where his attention was directed than you are with yourself.

2 responses to “So It’s Scientifically Proven

  1. Wayne Blackburn

    I’d suggest that this was more an indication that complaining about men looking at boobs has produced a built-in response to avoid looking at them.

  2. Tits can fool you. A woman’s smile cannot. If her smile is fake, she probably is as well, and if you stop staring at her boobs and look at her face you can tell more about her than she wants you to know.

    I don’t care if she has A cups or D cups. When she smiles, is it real? Does she mean it?

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