So I’m Wondering

IF I WERE TO JUST shut up about politics if it would matter.

I just discovered that a friend who’d gotten entirely too famous for her own comfort started up a new blog awhile back. She didn’t tell me. I’m OK with that. I know it’s not about me. And, no, I’m not telling you who. She didn’t announce it to the world, so I figure she has a reason, which I will respect and, if and when she decides to tell me, that’s cool, too.

But reading through her posts, I notice a … a stillness. Less agitation. And I figure there’s a lesson in that for me. Politics is less than a tenth of my day, but you’d figure from my posts here that it was all-consuming.

I don’t ever want to just provide an echo chamber, to pass along what somebody else says without any input from me. There’s no point to that. Readers here could just go to those places and find things for themselves. There has to be some value added.

But, in the runup to the election, I found myself a lot of the time not having anything new or original to say. I don’t track my traffic, but I can see it in the comments numbers. Fewer comments would seem to indicate fewer readers, implying that fewer folks are finding worthwhile things to read here. I suspect you guys see it, too.

Like a lot of my random brain farts, there’s no conclusion here. Just a wandering and abbreviated train of alleged thought.

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