So Glad to See That GoDaddy

HAS BACKED OFF its support for the execrable SOPA/Protect IP bills wending their ways through the House and Senate respectively. (Announcement here.) My domains are registered with GoDaddy and the cost and time-sink of having to transfer them to another registrar (after first having had to FIND another registrar that is both A) cheap and 2) anti-SOPA) is daunting. I’m glad to not have to face that.

It’s a testament to the small-d democratic nature of the ‘Net that such a movement can form, coalesce, and have its effect so quickly. Not sure if it’s a shame or a blessing that Congress can’t be moved so easily.

BTW, Reddit’s chest-thumping is understandable, but not really on-point. Any large participatory site (e.g., SlashDot) could have had a similar effect. This one accrues to Reddit’s good name on the ledger, but they shouldn’t get up themselves too much. The whole power of the Net rests in its distributed and atomized nature. It’s everybody, each acting individually in his own informed self-interest that makes the ‘Net both so powerful and so unwieldy — thus an unhandy tool for tyrants: something to be kept in mind.

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