So a Thought About Writing

OCCURRED TO ME ON THE drive home from the Grogery store.

paragraph: style-class: “squirrel!” Did you know that Firefox has a spell-checker built in? And it doesn’t suck? Another reason why I’m kicking Opera to the curb, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

It goes like this: “Colorful language belongs in the mouths of your characters.”

I do not yet know how applicable or valid that is, but it expresses something. A feeling I have. A thinkoid.

(Just as a planetoid is a small orbiting object which resembles a planet, but really is not, and an asteroid is a small, orbiting object which resembles a star, but really is not, and a factoid is a small datum which resembles a fact, but — really — is not, so, too a thinkoid is a small, random brain-fart object which resembles a thought from a distance, but really … is. NOT.)

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