Sex and Violence

IF MY CURRENT WORK IN progress could get onto network television — a dubious proposition at best — it would probably be rated TV NC17, if there were such a rating. And the advisory would include S (Sex) V (Violence) L (Language) and A (Adult Situations or whatever they call “mature” subject matter. And I will offer that warning on the print edition(s) of the thing as a fair cop. Parents need to have the opportunity to shield their children from untoward exposure to matter for which they aren’t ready. And people need to be advised of content that might not be to their taste.

But I see that as the extent of my responsibility in the matter: truth in labeling.

I do not understand these moral idiots who get their knickers in a knot over violence (and, to a lesser degree, sex) in entertainment and storytelling. People: grow up! Sex and violence have been a part of storytelling since time began. You are not going to change human nature, and you appear petulant and childish when you try. Get over it. If you don’t like it, don’t take it in. But DO NOT attempt to deny others the right to make their own decisions.

THAT, my friends, is un-American.

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